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Tapered Roller Bearings

Release time: 2022/04/29

Tapered Roller Bearings

★ Product features

The inner and outer rings of tapered roller bearings are provided with tapered raceways, and tapered rollers are arranged between the raceways. If the conical surface is extended, it will eventually converge to a point on the bearing axis. Tapered roller bearings are mainly used for bearing radial and axial combined loads. The axial bearing capacity of bearings is determined by the contact Angle, and the larger the antenna, the greater the axial bearing capacity. Tapered roller bearing is a separated type bearing. The inner ring with roller and cage constitutes an inner component, which can be mounted separately from the outer ring. The bearing can limit the axial displacement of one side of the shaft or shell, and does not allow the shaft to be tilted relative to the shell hole. Under the action of radial load, additional axial force will be generated. Therefore, generally in the bearing two supports, the outer ring and inner ring of the bearing should be installed relative to each end face.

This kind of bearing is mainly used: automobile front wheel, rear wheel, transmission, differential, pinion shaft, machine tool spindle, construction machinery, large agricultural machinery, railway vehicle gear reduction device, rolling mill roller neck small reduction device.

● Product classification

ZWZ produces single, double and four row tapered roller bearings in metric system and English system

Single row tapered roller bearing

This kind of bearing can only limit the axial displacement of the shaft or shell in one direction and bear the axial load in one direction. Under the action of radial load, the axial force generated in the bearing must also be balanced. The two bearings should be used face to face or back to back.

Double row tapered roller bearing

This kind of tapered bearing can bear both radial load and bidirectional axial load. Two-way axial movement of the shaft or housing can be limited within the axial clearance range of the bearing.

Four row tapered roller bearings

The performance of this kind of bearing is basically the same as that of double row tapered roller bearing, but the radial load is larger than that of double row tapered roller bearing, and the limit speed is slightly lower. It is mainly used in heavy machinery, such as rolling mills.

Multiple sealed double and four row tapered roller bearings

ZWZ offers long life, multiple seal double, four row tapered roller bearings. Personalized new bearing design, change the traditional design method of fully sealed bearing, adopt a new sealing structure combining sealing and dustproof, improve the sealing effect, improve the sealing performance. Compared with open structure bearings, the service life of double-row and four-row tapered roller bearings with multiple seals is increased by 20% ~ 40%. Lubricant consumption reduced by 80%.

Rear code XRS mark for multi-sealed bearings.